rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf. Will be grateful for any. European Audiovisual Observatory, Strasbourg .. Around 80 million people in the European Union (about 15% of the total population) are In Germany, neither the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (Interstate Broadcasting Agreement) nor the. under Article 11f of the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (Inter-State Agreement on Broadcasting . 15 March , and in December it proceeded to hear sixty bodies.

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Public service broadcasting and private broadcasting are committed to the free formation of individual and public opinion and encourage plurality of opinion. KEK decisions shall be binding on the other organs of the state supervisory authority for private broadcasters. The KEK may issue directives providing for exemptions from the obligation to report changes where only minor holdings in corporations are involved. Despite having carefully researched the content of external links, DLR assumes no liability over such content.

The broadcaster shall guarantee the organisation and financing of the window programmes. Any proposed change in the ownership structure or other influences shall be reported to the state supervisory authority for private broadcasters in advance. Article 6 15.runefunkstaatsvertrag, own, commissioned and joint productions 1 In order to present the diversity of the German-speaking regions and of Europe as a whole and to promote European film and television productions, television broadcasters shall reserve the greater part of 15.rundfunkstaatavertrag time scheduled for the transmission of feature films, television plays, series, documentaries and comparable productions for European works 15.rundfunkkstaatsvertrag accordance with European law.

Furthermore, the organiser or sponsor has the right to choose. The commissioners for the protection of young persons shall exchange information on a regular basis. Its financial base, including the equalisation arrangement, must be guaranteed. The KEK shall decide with a majority of its statutory members.

The accuracy and source of news must be checked with the care demanded by the circumstances prior to its transmission.

15. rundfunkstaatsvertrag 2013 pdf

The permissible duration shall be the length of time needed to convey the news content of the function or event. An affidavit shall only be required if other means of establishing the truth are not available, have proved unsatisfactory, or would require a disproportionate amount of time and effort. These bodies shall serve the respective state supervisory authority for private broadcasters in the fulfilment of its tasks pursuant to paragraph Making multiple copies without permission is prohibited.

Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt e. Should you have any questions, please contact: Advertisements may not use subliminal techniques.

The report shall also comment on the application of Articles 26 to 32 and on any necessity for change in these provisions. If in doubt, please contact this person directly. The details shall be the subject of an administrative agreement between the state supervisory authorities.

  LEI 11481 PDF

Article 27 Viewer ratings 1 The state supervisory authorities for private broadcasters shall ascertain through the KEK the viewer rating of each programme, taking into account all German language programmes transmitted by the public service broadcasting authorities and private broadcasters which can be received nationwide.

Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag)

Notice shall be given as soon as possible 15.runfdunkstaatsvertrag the case of functions and events planned at short notice. In so doing they shall consult the state public service broadcasting corporations forming the ARD, and the ZDF, for the purpose of exchanging information on the application of these guidelines.

Paragraphs 4 and 5 shall remain unaffected. Advertising shall not be permissible in programmes pursuant to No.

» Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag) German Law Archive

The state supervisory authorities for private broadcasters shall issue joint guidelines for the implementation of Articles 3, 7, 8, 44 and The above translation was first published by Inter Nationes as part of: If the Agreement is not denounced as from that date the same period of notice may be given every two years subsequently.

Licensing and procedural rules Article 20 Licensing 1 Private broadcasters shall require a licence in accordance with state 15.rundfunkstaatsvertrxg. Article 9 Duty to provide information, competent authorities 1 Pursuant to Article 6, paragraph 2, of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television, the state public service broadcasting corporations shall be obliged 15.rundfunkwtaatsvertrag request to make available 15.rundfunkstaatsvrrtrag the competent authority under state law the information specified in that provision.

A further interruption shall be allowed if their duration is at least twenty minutes longer than two or more complete periods of forty-five minutes.

rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf – PDF Files

Connection data shall be deleted after the ending of each connection. If Article 15, paragraphs 1, 2 and 4, are not denounced with effect from one of these dates the same period of notice may be given every two years later.

The first and second sentences shall apply mutatis mutandis to forms of advertisements within the meaning of Article 45, paragraph 3. Notice may be given for the first time as from 31 December Paragraph 4, fifth sentence, shall apply mutatis mutandis.

Dated 31 August incorporating the third amendment adopted between 26 August and 11 September The Free State of Bavaria is entitled to make provision for a proportion of the licence fee pursuant to Article 40 to be used for the financing of tasks of the Bavarian State Agency for New Media under state law within the framework of public service broadcasting.

The person exercising authority 15.ruhdfunkstaatsvertrag the searched premises or his representative must upon request be provided with a copy of the record mentioned in paragraph 7, third sentence.

The state supervisory authorities for private broadcasters shall issue joint guidelines for the implementation of Articles 31 and In guidelines or individual cases they may also impose time limits with regard to films to which the Protection of Young Persons in Public Act does not apply or which, pursuant to the Act, are approved for adolescents under 16 years of age in order to allow for the special circumstances of films transmitted by television, especially television series.


The rights to which everyone is entitled through the limitations and exceptions to copyright law or legal permission in some countries, established as the fundamental doctrine of fair use ; the copyright entitlements of the legal owner; rights of other persons, either with regard to the object of the licence itself or in reference to its use, for example the personal rights of photographed persons.

These Agreements shall remain in force as between the other states. Agreement on 15.tundfunkstaatsvertrag Fees … Article 5: If one state gives notice each state may denounce the Agreement on Television and Radio Licence Fees and the Agreement on 15.rundfunkstaatsertrag with effect from the same date within three months of receipt of the notice of denunciation.

These bodies shall serve the respective state supervisory authority for private broadcasters in the fulfilment of its tasks pursuant to paragraph 1: The obligation not to divulge information pursuant to Article 24 shall also apply in the relationship between the members of the KEK and of the KDLM with other bodies of the state supervisory authorities for private broadcasters.

The time limit shall be interrupted as a result of the exercise of legitimate rights by third parties. To this end they will be afforded sufficient transmission capacities and access to adequate sources of income. The supervisory authority shall examine whether the applications received are consistent with the provisions of this Inter-State Agreement and other provisions of state law and inform the broadcaster of the main programme which of them qualify for a licence.

The denunciation by one state shall not affect the denounced provisions of this Agreement and the agreements referred to in the first sentence in the relationship 15.fundfunkstaatsvertrag between 15.rundfunistaatsvertrag other states. Such legal dependence within the meaning of the first sentence shall be deemed to exist if the main programme and the window programme can be attributed to the same company pursuant to Article The provisions of the Code 15.rundffunkstaatsvertrag Civil Procedure relating to the obligation of witnesses to make statements or of experts to submit reports, the rejection of experts or the questioning of members of the public service as witnesses or experts, shall apply mutatis mutandis.

The Advisory Council for Programming shall make proposals to help ensure opinion and programme plurality Article