Corola cerrada. Ni un rayo de luna. Filtrado me haya. Ni una margarita. Se diga mi hermana. Tú me quieres nívea, Tú me quieres blanca, Tú me quieres alba. TU ME QUIERES BLANCA por Alfonsina Storni. Tú me quieres alba,. Me quieres de espumas,. Me quieres de nácar. Que sea azucena. Sobre todas, casta. Translation of ‘Tú me quieres blanca’ by Alfonsina Storni (Alfonsina Storni Martignoni) from Spanish to English.

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The Oldest Stone in the World. So, who is anyone to value or devalue me and my decisions?

Women, Culture, and Politics in Latin America

And when your tissues Have been transformed And when you have put back into them the soul that you left behind in the bedrooms Only then, good man, Expect me to be white Expect me to be niveous Expect me to be chaste. So flee into the woods, Run into the mountains; Clean your mouth; Live in a cottage; Touch the damp earth With your atorni Nourish your body with The bitter root; Drink, like Moses, From the rocks; Sleep upon the frost; Rejuvenate your flesh With saltpetre and water; Speak with the birds, Rise with the sun.


And when your flesh Returns to you, And when you have put In it the soul, Which in the bedroom Was left tangled, Then, good man, Expect me white, Expect me snow, Expect me chaste.

I managed to comfort my mother with blnca lie, but a silent understanding was formed between us. The fact that this is produced by people I know outside the blogs makes it even better, and it really is a nice job.

Babel Web Anthology :: Storni, Alfonsina: You want me white (Tú me quieres blanca in English)

Or is it just a culture remedy? I miss pushing you around at night. January 27, at 3: Because the last time I checked, it is perfectly natural. Not touched even by a moonbeam; Not rivaled even by a daisy; You expect me to be niveous, You expect me to be white, You expect me to be dawn. Tequila — Aches, pains, everything else: I miss feeling frustrated.

Home About us Contact us. CultureCuresMedicine. But, most of all I miss waking up to you. You expect me to be Chaste? Yes, I am honorable. Seconds like hours passed as the two of us desperately tried to grasp for words and for nerve.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. February 18, at 8: Does lemon and honey really work?


I miss the awkward pillow positions. Redactions on Etsy Redactions: Fill in your details below or click an icon to lbanca in: Poems Blasted from the Vortex.

That sweet and sour mix reminded me of home. Ni una margarita Se diga mi hermana. She would scream and shout and demand respect. I usually get depressed, but the wr… twitter.

Tú me quieres blanca (English translation)

I’ve been reading in peaceful quiet for hours. You want me to be Lily Above all others, chaste Of tenous fragrance; Closed corolla. You, who in the black gardens of deception, wearing red, ran in the waste. Learn how your comment data is processed. I needed a voice, I needed perspective, and I needed some self esteem. You have been in the gardens, Black with deception, Wearing red and Running into ruin.

Not even a moonbeam To caress me. I miss snapping at you. She claims the right to remain silent. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your WordPress.