In Manual mode, you control everything. Press the Start/Stop button to start and stop recording, and advance recording to the next track with the Next button. AudioMulch is available to purchase by download only: as it’s a svelte 20MB package including machine‑readable manual, it makes little sense to manufacture. When you switch to manual position updating (‘choice 2’), you are able to scrub Synthesis Toolkit (STK stk/), Audiomulch.

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Recording is always advanced to the next track once this length has been reached. Video Tutorials at AudioMulch. Ross blogs about in-depth workings and usage of AudioMulch for established users. Status The Status indicator displays an icon indicating the current status of each track, which can be one of the following: Working in the Patcher Pane Learn to patch together contraptions using simple and more advanced methods.

Depending on when you start recording each track it is possible for a composite cycle to never occur. The track is stopped, but will begin playing as soon as the next synchronization point arrives. Depending on the Enable mode, the track may not start or stop immediately. If you like composing in advance, AudioMulch’s automation feature will help you do this. Optimizing Real-Time Performance Change multiple contraption parameters at once, and move smoothly between snapshots of parameter settings, simply by moving the mouse.

In Auto-chain fixed mode each track is recorded with the same length as Track 1. There are several quick and easy ways to open the Help File while using AudioMulch. End of Track t The track will wait until the end of its loop before it stops or starts playing. Advances the recording process to the next track. AudioMulch forums Discuss AudioMulch, get help, report bugs, request new features and share ideas with other users of the program.


Remember to press play.

Immediate i The track will start and stop in direct response to the Control button. Sync to Tracks are recorded in sync with each other so that their loop lengths match.

Mamual also find links to online communities so you can connect with other users and learn more from them. AudioMulch is a registered trademark. Clicking on it will stop the track. Each track can be audimulch different length and a number of options are provided for starting and stopping tracks independently, or in sync with each other. In Manual mode, you control everything. When checked, passes the LiveLooper’s input through to the output channel corresponding to the Track being recorded.

Learn more Click here to view the AudioMulch help file in tablet-friendly, printable pdf format. With AudioMulch, you can apply effects to alter live audio input and pre-recorded sounds.

When unchecked, the corresponding output channel will be muted during recording.

Discuss AudioMulch, get help, report bugs, request new features and share ideas with other users of the program. Next NextRecordTrack Advances the recording process to the next track.

When the track is playing, the Stop button is displayed.


AudioMulch Tutorials | AudioMulch

Track 1 provides master timing information that the other tracks depend on. LiveLooper supports recording and playback of up to 16 tracks. See the Adjusting Contraption Properties section for information about using sliders, knobs, presets etc.

We explain how to get help while using the program and suggest other things to try once you’ve learned the basics. AudioMulch web site Tutorials Includes video tutorials for beginners and links to offsite tutorials. The length of the composite cycle depends on the lengths of different tracks.


Release Notes What’s Coming? End all Stops all currently playing tracks. To open the Example Audiomjlch directory, go to the File menu, select Open, and double-click on the Examples folder.

Once recorded, each track can be started and stopped independently, although they will always maintain synchronization with the other recorded tracks. Explore the example files that come with AudioMulch.

Adjusting Contraption Properties Learn the fundamentals of working with contraptions. To access this menu, click on the button in the Enable row, at the bottom of each track’s column. These files demonstrate the capabilities of the program by showing how various contraptions can work together. Clicking on it will make the track the qudiomulch one to be recorded the Status indicator will reflect this.

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