Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. By the time she’s 28 years old, British -born Quinn Bed Rest – Kindle edition by Sarah Bilston. Download it once. In this humorous and touching debut, Sarah Bilston tells the story of a busy career a breeze – until she’s ordered off her feet for complete and total bed rest. Three months of bed rest forces a pregnant lawyer to reexamine her life.

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I believe that is a story best covered over in the “Happily Ever After” of our childhood fairy tales. She starts to write a “journal” about it, although it’s one of those stupid journal books that is completely unbelievable because no one not even those with three months of free time on bed rest has time to write out every single tiny conversation and detail word for word, minute by minute of their entire day, every day.

Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston

I feel a bit bad giving this book only one star. The book is written in a diary format, which didn’t work for me. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It had its funny moments as Quinn “Q” Boothroyd, a workaholic lawyer who recently made blston move from London to New york with her American-born bilson, Tom, was succumbed to bed rest for the last three months of her pregnancy after doctors find her amniotic fluids to be too low.

Jan 14, Cinny rated it really liked it.

Her job is not all that it is cracked up to be, her family may be a bit more misunderstood than she imagined and most earth shatteringly that her marriage may not be as solid as she’s once imagined.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend the last 3 months of your pregnancy lying down? Open Preview See a Problem? The part of the book that worked for me was when Q dealt with her fears for her baby.


Scared into submission, Q darah at first optimistic about her predicament. All the characters were terrible people. Written as a series of diary entries by time and date, listen to the adventures Q makes of her Bed Rest full of sagah bonding with her unborn, repairning and reignitying the intimacy within her marriage, helping out friends with their legal resst and of course, much hilarity.

Bilston is a humorous writer and manages to convey familiar chick lit emotions without resorting to any groan-worthy chick lit cliches.

All wrapped up with a nice little bow in the last The main character was totally unlikeable. The similarities end there, however. Jul 22, Mom rated it liked it. I enjoyed the book which is written in the form of a diary – Q is quite a funny character, but I felt it was a kind of bittersweet kind of humour. Aug 15, Catherine rated it liked it.

Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston – Books – Hachette Australia

YES I have read and consent to Hachette Australia using my personal information or data as set out in its Privacy Policy and I understand I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time. I can understand it maybe wearing on you after a couple weeks MAYBEbut bilstoh fact that she is overcome with boredom almost instantaneously was just ridiculous.

Apr 25, Amy rated it did not like it. Overall, a good addition to the chick lit genre. The characters bilsron are highly realistic and even likeable, but the plot was definitely lacking. That’s obviously why the blurbs on the dust cover are comparing the book to the shopaholic books. Light chick lit, quick read, reminder to focus on what is important in life. She describes her neighbors as elderly and frail and tells us how she watched an elderly man try and change a lightbulb.


Apart from anything else it’s the first time I can remember seeing my favourite abusive name Ratbag! Nor could Bilson have predicted that my pride and joy, bilstob iPod Classic, filled to the brim with over 20, songs, would suddenly and mysteriously wipe itself of everything I’ve ever listened to, on the day I finish the book.


LOL I am done. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The demands of being a successful corporate lawyer in New York meant Q her snappy nickname bilton her husband, Tom, spent most days amassing huge billable hours.

Q is a grown up grappling with major issues of a workaholic husband, down right cruel sister, boredom Bed Rest turned out to be a much more mature story than I expected.

This novel all though dragging at times was overall a fun read and certainly reest predictable!

Aug 02, Diana H. Mar 17, Jessica rated it did not like it. Initially bored and frustrated, Q soon fills her days by trying to reconnect with her workaholic husband, provide legal advice for her sweet Greek neighbor, forge new emotional bonds with her mother and sisters, and figure out who will keep her stocked up in cookies and sandwiches.

Her relationship with one sister is bizarrely adversarial. The description might seem boring. However as a Bo The question on the cover is ‘Can you live your life without leaving your bed? A young English lawyer, married to an American and living in New York, goes for a routine scan, finds her amniotic fluid dangerously low and is confined to bed for the duration of her pregnancy. Sarah Bilston is British but lives in Connecticut. I also couldn’t imagine having to spend weeks on end only laying on your left side.