Standard Erection Manual (Supporting Structure) CFBC Boiler structure . This section describes mainly on boiler supporting structural erection up to drum. Over the past two decades, CFB technology—including CFB boiler Standard erection manual (pressure parts) – SlideShare Jun 19, Steam soot blowing system in CFB Boiler convective pass complete with soot trip valves, manual valves, flexible hoses and pipe work for the fuel, erection. All mating flanges and connecting materials at terminal points wherever.

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Two winches are used to erect the tubes with header. To ensure that the progressing of work is carried out according to the planned program and as per the approved method of statement.

De-pressurisation of the Pressure Parts. All bolted connections are to be used with double washers. Checks on supporting structure prior to erection: Check whether the downcomer cover assembly has been installed over the downcomer openings to avoid vortex formation during operation.

Orifice size and number are checked with reference to the drawing Orifice bore sizes are checked with ” G O – N O – G O ” gauge before installation. Ensure the main system is free from solids before mounting the circulators. Siemens supplies gear units for coal-fired power. Front tubes are welded with inlet headers and rear tubes are welded with rear header stubs.


About The Author Jenny Wu. Standard erection manual boiler auxiliaries. Method – 2 – Second pass roof panels manial pre-assembled with rear junction header on the pre- assembly bed located at second pass furnace cavity. Filling line is connected to the Boiler drain Header, Recirculation line is connected from the delivery line to the tank. A typical panel arrangement is shown in Fig. Details of Typical filling pump is given below.

cfbc boiler erection method statement

Temporary binders are removed and support lugs on tubes are welded with the end bars at the location shown in the drawing Radiant roof tubes are erected after the erection of all top headers, suspensions, S H links and end bar assemblies.

With the help of expansion movement diagrams released under PGMA check to see that thermal movement of any pressure part is not restrained.

Bearings and motor windings are directly cooled by same boiler water. Three holes are drilled on the main buckstay beam as shown in the Fig. Hence, it becomes all the more important for the job site erection group to take utmost care right from the receipt stage to completion of erection, so that commissioning activities can proceed without any difficulties.

The drier sections are not to be welded manusl nor to the drier supporting structure. Provide the correct size cotter pin.

We are now discuss about the erection strategy and sequence of erection of Boiler Orifices and couplings are erected after steam blowing of Boiler system. After erection completion of all steam cooled walls align the following headers. Connect the hanger rod with the header lug using the pin.


Hydrostatic Testing – The hydraulic test pressure reading will be taken from the official pressure gauge located at the highest point in the presence of the Inspector.

Complete assembly to be ground assembled. This is to accommodate the expansion of wall. Assembled panels are erected with the help of electric winches. Check whether the primary separator is damped to its supports rigidly with its axis vertical so that it does not tilt or fall during operation. Impeller is mounted on the extended shaft of motor. After reaching final position, panel load is taken in permanent supports and temporary supports are removed.

Care should be taken while erecting the “Z” panel.

method statement power plant erection

This arrangement should be in such a way that it can be shifted at top to lift each coil. Complete the erection, alignment and welding of extended side waterwall inlet header with the extended waterwall panels. Ensure the bottom stirrup angle is in full bearing with the toe of the buckstay beam flange.