The female holds eggs between her pelvic fins, where the male fertilizes them for about 30 seconds. Only then the female swims to a suitable spot, where . Synonym(s), Callichthys paleatus, Corydoras maculatus, Corydoras marmoratus, Corydoras microcephalus, Silurus 7-radiatus, Silurus. One of the most underrated Corydoras in my opinion is the Peppered Corydoras, Corydoras paleatus, and if you can pick up some decent specimens they will.

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When the coryoras enter spawning modethey will become much more active. They like to nibble on the algae that grows on floating plants, but are not a specialized algae-eating catfish.

An atlas of freshwater and marine catfishes. Information at a glance pH: Corydoras will appreciate some cover in the form of rocks or bogwood. The process is repeated until all the eggs have been laid.

The female then swims off and deposits the eggs, often on the aquarium glass or plant leaves. Be careful not to syphon out any fry! Journal Environmental Biology of Fishes.

It is sometimes seen in the shops as an albino form, although this is cordoras to other albino corys see the C. This is used by males during courtship and intrapersonal communicationand by both sexes and juveniles when distressed.

Peppered cory, Corydoras paleatus — Fish, Tanks and Ponds

If they are prevented from doing this they will drown because they cannot obtain enough oxygen through their gills alone. Corydoras species prefer sandy substrate as they enjoy rooting about in it looking for morsels of food. Ideal tankmates would be other small fish such as tetras and dwarf cichilds Sexual Dimorphism Females grow considerably bigger and are much more rounded, particulalry when inbreeding condition.


The female cups her ventral fins paleatu lays a few eggs normally about 4 in them.

Human uses

Fry should be fed small foods such as microworm initially and corydorax there progressed onto powdered food, brineshrimp nauplii and on to standard aquarium foods. The lighting must not be too bright and hiding places, such as bogwood are needed as they like to hide from the light during certain parts of cordoras day.

The male releases his seed and the female catches it in her mouth. In captivity they are very bold feeders and will accept good quality flake food, catfish pellets and suitably sized live or frozen food. Estimates of some properties based on models Phylogenetic diversity index Ref. Native to parts of southern Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina.

After depositing a group of eggs closely together, the female rests for a few moments. Does best kept in groups. The coryvoras initiate the courtship ritual, which entails chasing the females around the tank. Found in ponds Ref. Ideal tankmates would be other small fish such as tetras and dwarf cichilds.

Corydoras paleatus, Peppered corydoras : aquarium

Can be prone to infection of the barbels if kept in poorly maintained gravel. Along with the bronze cory, the pepper cory is one of the cofydoras commonly found cories in the hobby.

They breed freely in captivity often with one female and two males. They will do this more frequently when water quality is starting to deteriorate, and so should be watched for this indication. Sexing When adult the female Corydoras paleatus are a little larger and much forydoras heavily built than are males. This may have to be repeated over several days before spawning is triggered.


An exceptionally peaceful fish and great community fish. This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed. This is available in white and brown, both look good.

Feed a varied diet consisting of a good quality dried sinking food supplemented with regular meals of small live and frozen foods. The female darts away and the males search for her and find her a few moments later. The eggs are deposited on aquarium furniture or glass and after spawning the fish pay no further attention to the brood. Peaceful catfish for the smaller community aquarium. A preliminary survey of the Siluriformes.

In reproduction, males do not behave aggressively toward each other, nor do they monopolize mating areas or females. In the wild Corydoras paleatus feeds on worms, crustaceans, insect larva and a little vegetable matter.

Summary page Point data Common names Photos. Main reference Upload your references References Coordinator: Wild status The health of the wild population of Corydoras paleatus has not been evaluated. This is not the case, they will however eat all the food which lands on the floor of the aquarium which might otherwise have been overlooked by the other fish. The eggs should hatch in about six days.

Habitat Rivers, tributaries and standing waters including pools and small lakes. They can be successfully kept with other small, peaceful aquarium fish like livebearersdanios and tetras. She now starts cleaning a spot on the glass to lays her eggs on.

Peppered catfish will eat their fry.