The definitive account of the life of Andrew Carnegie Celebrated historian David Nasaw, whom The New York Times Book Review has called “a meticulous. David Nasaw has written a fascinating new biography of a man who “Andrew Carnegie” is fully up to that standard, a marvelous window onto. Born of modest origins in Scotland in , Andrew Carnegie is best known as the founder of Carnegie Steel. His rags to riches story has never been told as.

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He applied for and received a messenger job at a busy office. On this excessive quoting, there was too often no commentary to it. He was startled by the bustling cities activity and almost instantly saw the great potential of his new home. I found this to be an enlightening biography of a fascinating man. Despite his best hopes, he still died a rich man. Having read the autobiography first and not quite liking it to be honestI turned to Nasaw’s book kind of biased a state of mind one should try to avoid when starting a new book.

Andrew Carnegie

In such a way does carndgie work for the wealthy. All the time sending directives to his managers about how to break the unions, fire anyone who might protest those twelve hours days. With a father who still failed to get work, Andrew nasa for his own job. For all that he accomplished and came to represent to the American public-a wildly successful businessman and capitalist, a self-educated writer, peace activist, andeew, man of letters, lover of culture, and unabashed enthusiast for American democracy and capitalism-Carnegie has remained, to this day, an enigma.

Also, most are only those from Carnegie to Frick. Carnegie was a shrewd businessman. We have heard of absentee landlords, here is the ultimate absentee. Were his men to have better wages, they would only squander it on foolish things such as women and drink.

Too bad he didn’t get the Nobel for it. Carnegie headed for the country’s cultural capital, New York City, as soon as he could break away from commitments in Pittsburgh, where he had begun his rise as a messenger boy and telegraph operator before graduating to Pennsylvania railroad executive positions. But while unions were fighting for eight hour days his workers were forced to work 12 hour days. I finished davie book, sad and missing this odd, eccentric, often arrogant, manipulative, and unrealistic little old man.

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There are few areas of modern life that his wealth did not touch. He memorized streets and people so he became very quick at delivering these messages. He lacked nothing, enjoyed almost every day and was appreciated not only by the many people he befriended but also by the public at large.

It didn’t detract too much from the overall reading experience, but when one seeks out to have a clear timeline, one nasa forced to read some things over again.

Jul 28, Claudia rated it really liked it. Organizations founded by his generosity continue to do good work to this day. This is what David Nasaw has produced–a massive biography of Andrew Carnegie. Andre renders Nadrew a villain, sure; but also, and mainly, an ass.

May 27, Ryan Knoll rated it did not like it. In the end, I do not try to reconcile these contradictory aspects of this man. Aug 08, Kate rated it really liked it.

An Impregnable Position His father was a handloom weaver who was often out of work. He also benefited from the frenzy to use steel to produce railroad tracks which the U. So if you like Chernow’s books you surly going to like this one too! This is a very interesting person, and David Nasaw has done an admirable job researching and crafting this daviid.

For all that he accomplished and came to represent to the American public—a wildly successful businessman and capitalist, a self-educated writer, peace activist, philanthropist, man of letters, lover of culture, and unabashed enthusiast for American democracy and capitalism—Carnegie has remained, to this day, an enigma.


No trivia or quizzes yet. He wrote influential books, became a significant political force and spent his last years working tirelessly for world peace. His andrfw to foresee the market for steel paid off again and again. Back andrww the days of the good ole boys where there were no laws for insider trading.

ANDREW CARNEGIE by David Nasaw | Kirkus Reviews

His rags to riches story has never been told as dramatically and vividly as in Nasaw’s new biography. We follow his path year by year. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t finish this book. Following the doctrine of philosopher Herbert Spencer, he dedicated the remaining years of his life to philanthropy and peace. Stay in Touch Sign up. More By and About This Author. Nasaw plumbs countless letters, diaries, newspaper articles, and business papers to come up with this complete and extensive picture of one of the most important personalities of the nineteenth century, and I’m glad he did.

A very well researched piece of work it’s the kind of book that leaves you thinking: He traveled, entertained, owned sumptuous houses and accoutrements, read, wrote and gave speeches lecturing others on the proper way of living. He could not see the drudgery of their lives. Not a soul was listening.

While the buildings today are all but obsolete for library service, one wonders how this institution might have developed without his initial impetus. A point not to overlook was his affable personality. His focus on heros continues in CNN awards. However, after reading this biography, I do Read Samuel’s review We are all aware of his philanthropy but here is the man behind the deeds.

And I haven’t even mentioned his work for world peace, a major part the book! From their he invested and heavily.