Este trabajo ilustra no sólo una innovadora forma de estudiar el efecto látigo, o una forma distinta de modelar las cadenas de suministro usando los principios. Se debe a un desajuste en la cadena de suministro entre las Relación entre precio-demanda pueden incrementar o mitigar el efecto látigo. Efecto Latigo Solución CPFR Planeación agregada. Es la sincronización de la estrategia de la cadena de suministro y de competitiva. Causas.

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Management Sciences43, 4, pp. This can be caused because: The model can include promotional events and the introduction of new products, in such a way that the forecast is not only influenced by past weeks but also by marketing campaigns.

Consider also that the suppliers can receive orders that vary from 80, to zero units from one month to the next. How much do I require for every product for the next week based on my forecast and stock position? In their business, product presence at sales point is translated into sales. Management Science35, 3, pp. The number of caadena of InTransit should be set equal to the number of time steps in a DelayTime period, i. In each time step, material is moved from one level to the next, until it reaches the final level, where it is output.

In the fe infinite order delay pipeline delay nothing happens to the output until the delay time has elapsed. The production manager also decides about external production of components, specially for bottle production. Notice that inventories are approximately half of demand.

Daniela Pertuz

Based on this demand we have modelled the supply chain dynamics by including heuristic policies as described by the supply chain managers during our interviews.

Some variables represent decision makers managers and include the use of information inputs into a function that ends with a numerical decision e. This kind of artificial shortage is caused by the structure of heuristic policies defined by the supply chain managers. During the first week we have no arrivals but sales of 13, units, resulting acdena a closing inventory of 6, units. Under this scenario we have reduced the delivery time from suppliers to one week.


Every event with less suminietro 1 week duration is considered as a simultaneous one for the purposes of the simulation. University of Manchester, UK. Finally, figure 10 shows distribution orders, production and purchase for each manager in the supply chain compared, with the demand signal. When a production shortage happens, they use past sales as a guide to assign available products to fulfil demand orders suminiatro RDCs. I look at the inventories once a week and sjministro there I make a weekly plan: The average level of education reached by a salesman is secondary school.

The oscillation frequency is considerably high. Abstract This is a case study about the modelling of a supply chain decision structure of a Mexican bottling company.

According to the current heuristic policies, inventories follow a similar behaviour to the one described by the demand signal. In figure 7 we show acdena customer service level.

dell by emilia guarderas on Prezi

The safety stock policies, or safety stock target, are constant values. A possible problem to define such a seasonal policy is the uncertainty. In particular, the volume growth in Russia, China, Brazil and Thailand contributed to advances in market share. Coverage policies are different for raw materials and finished goods mainly because there is a delay of more than one week from purchase to delivery of materials.

We can also see in figure 8 that we do not have any negative stock. This phase lag it is not caused by the delivering time, which is less than a week, but by the demand which is first served from the RDC suminisrto the RDC manager sends an order to lativo DCs. In this paper it was not our intention to develop a technique to define the best policies, nor the best way to define new policies in order to improve supply chain behaviour.

In figure 9 we can also see the existence of a one week delay between the purchase order and supply.


It can happen that a low forecast causes lost sales resulting in a difference between sales and ‘real’ demand. Systems Dynamics Review18, 4, pp.

They have more thansales points. My main problems with Logistics are that they never give me the production programme! We make explicit the use of information flows and their sources. Due to the inventory policies, the latiggo stock is defined as days of coverage times the forecast. An optimal policy will manage an equilibrium point where the variation of order quantities will be economical and equivalent to variations in inventories.

When a new product launch happens, we have to work closely with designers from PepsiCo Mexico. We find that by modelling the information and decision structure of supply chains, it is possible to identify managerial policies and information flows that distort and amplify market demand signals. For the proposed scenario, we can see how the purchase manager has stopped seeing the forecast as his heuristic policy. Variables are represented with circles, and constants with diamonds.

Purchase managers are also responsible for the supply of aluminium cans and plastic or glass bottles. In effect, during the following week, new demand for 15, units is served and 17, units of stock are received, reaching a final inventory of 8, units. The study of supply chain dynamics is about companies operating manufacturing supply chains of multiple echelons subject to limited production and distribution capacities.

International Journal of Production Economics78, pp. In effect, oscillations are particularly evident in purchase orders, and they are influenced by previous orders downstream in the supply chain. Work in process inventories is equal to 0 units, because production time is always less than a week.