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Are you concealing a story within an essay in order to compose your own intellectual autobiography? The desire to acquire culture breaks loose in him- hidden drama that embittered him so of-ten- and he starts a period of belated apprenticeship that will feed his future resources. At first, Mayol thinks that it must be all a joke but it is not. With respect to time, does it really pass as fast as it says in Dublinesca? In the geographical sense it will be a vertical voyage that starts by strolling in a good-for nothing attitude through a Barcelona that makes no sense to him, then going on to Oporto, Lisbon and from there to the island to Madeira, to end up in the foggy and mysteri-ous Atlantida.

In this volume, you persist in rendering homage to your favorite writers with extraordinary tributes, as you have done for years. Riba, the publisher, has come to ruin because his catalogue was too demanding. His funeral for the Gutenberg era is a party. When he turns to his children to ask them to intercede on his behalf, he finds out that, for one reason or another, they are all very unhappy in their own lives.

Familiar ghosts from Aribau Street.

Enrique Vila-Matas: El viaje vertical [The Vertical Voyage] – The Modern Novel

Are we faced with a new conception of the apocalyptic, literarily speaking? The candidate is nominated by someone within the Order, by email. We study the proposal and accept or disapprove the nomination. He is the author of a singular body of literary work, begun with two nouvelles — Mujer en el espejo contemplando el paisaje and La asesina ilustrada — both profoundly indebted to Kafkian influence.

This is very different from his usual novels, in that it has few literary references and fewer post-modern touches. Enrique Vila-Matas was born in Barcelona in and has published a large body of narrative since his first work in I maintain the friendships that he had. With his latest installment, Dublinescathe reader attends the most festive funeral of enrlque Gutenberg era.


The Vertical Journey

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. At the start of the novel, his wife, Julia, on the day after their golden wedding anniversary, tells him that she wants him to leave their house and that she wants to live the rest of her life on her own, so that she can find out who she is, instead of just verticaal his wife. A different book from Mztas but still very worthwhile, though sadly not available in English.

According to your answer, who will foresee the end of literature first, a publisher or a writer? In the brink of desperation he discovers himself reflecting. Boredom, rain, sheer curtains closed up to the outside world.

I had great fun making it up; for a few days I became a publisher.

What Flaubert ended up saying was that a subject could be ordinary, lowly, degrading; but art would redeem it all. The gentlemen of the order are almost all writers: The reason I ask is that recently there has been a lot of talk about the poet Gil de Biedma who, vsrtical you know, imbued a great deal of his work with concrete narrative elements taken from his own life. His wife assumes he will stay in his beloved Barcelona he is a Catalan nationalist but, after a lot of hesitation, he heads off to Portugal, first to Porto, then to Lisbon and, finally to Funchal in Madeira.

Domene conversa con Vila-Matas. There will be a last writer; there has to be. Vila-Matas and his narrator, who suddenly introduces himself and becomes a character two-thirds of the way through the book, dig deep into Federico, cleverly fl him not only as he sees himself but as his family and others see him, and comparing him to others who are struggling even more with who they are and where they are going.

I manage his life sensibly. veertical

The more rainy passages of Dublinesca touch upon it. He wanted to know what heroism had earned me such a distinction, and when I told him I was a writer from Barcelona, his face went blank, and he became visibly disappointed. I am sure that one day there will come a writer who will be the last. Federico Mayol is a seventy year old gentleman from Barcelona. I walked into an Irish pub the other day, and the barman was French, and when he saw the red insignia he became excited, believing he found himself in the company of a distinguished fellow countryman.

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I manage his vkla. This year, Andreu Jaume will be joining us. There is also vsrtical publisher, Malcom Otero Barral. He is naturally devastated and things get worse when his adored eldest son, tells him that he is tired of mstas wife and, worse, is tired of running the insurance company.

What is truly important is that language and thought are not lost. There is no radical division between the printed and the digital word, as they would have us perceive, only continuity.


The day after celebrating is golden wedding anniversary, Mayol is astonished to hear the categorical petition of his wife asking him to leave the viiaje home; to allow her be herself, not her husband’s tributary creature which she has been for half a century.

Who will travel with you on the next Bloomsday? The broad passageway that joins fiction and reality is cool and well-ventilated, and the air within vwrtical about with the same natural ease with which I mix biography and invention. The last publisher will come before the last writer. What have you inherited from the old Vila- Matas, I mean the author previous to Exploradores del abismo ? Does Dublinesca assume a celebration of the intellect with its abundant references to books and authors, as well as the constant shadow of Ulysses?

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