Are you looking desperately for a puzzle solution? has a great collection of puzzle solutions for you including Cast Quartet & more. Brand, Hanayama. Puzzle Master Cast Quartet puzzle is very popular among the puzzler Hanayama’s level 1 is equivalent to our level 5. level 6 is equivalent to our level some of the other metal puzzles, allowing you to reverse engineer the solution.

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On Saturday December 29th karibaci wrote.

Cast Quartet

Can you show a photo of what you mean by “backwards”? This is the “font of all knowledge” Kevin Puzzlemad.

How did you come to own that? I still have not gotten it back together. I even threw it on the floor a couple of times. Chris Lang Ham 19 April at The puzzle is great imo, finally I found a hanayama, that kept me busy for a really long time. Have you suartet YouTube?

Puzzle Solution for Cast Quartet | Puzzle Master Inc

Solutipn 9 January at The expensive wooden ones can be sent back to the craftsman or they can give instructions on how to fix.

On Sunday Quartett 27th eques wrote. We make every attempt to post all legitimate reviews submitted, positive or negative. Not, I tell you, to compare myself to these seasoned puzzlers I am still very much an amateur! Anonymous 30 November at Pwitty; Played around with it for a few hours and it literally fell apart in my hand, I noticed a few interesting positions of pieces along the way.


Posted by Jamie at 2: I really enjoyed solving the Quartet and the feeling of relief and hope I got from getting that first piece looser than the rest. I suspect that you have been very lucky in taking it apart and now you are finding out just how difficult quarret is in your attempts at reassembly!

If you find a post objectionable or inappropriate, please quagtet us know by sending an email to info puzzlemaster. Hopefully your next choices will give you as much pleasure. How would you go about breaking and forming this bond? Anywho, the next struggle was to reassemble the Quartet back to its starting shape, with two interlinked solid squares.

It happened to me twice with the 2 Rings Teddy. I’ve tried a lot but can’t figure it out. This video tutorial will show you exactly how to solve this mind boggling Cast Quartet puzzle, which is rated a 6 out of 6 in difficulty by Hanayama. Finally, I bit the bullet and, like Brian, just went for it, deciding to worry about the reassembly later. Quaryet are two approaches to this puzzle and I challenge you to both!

In the meantime you have a very unique and difficult challenge – it may take you months or years to figure it out as long as you didn’t force it. I’m 23 and have always disliked puzzles and never attempted to solve a serious one until this. For that reason they make great stocking fillers and little gifts at Christmas.

This is a part of the solution!!! Kevin 23 February at Upon closer inspection, the two pieces that create one square have slightly different shaped pieces than the other two pieces that make the second square. The solution document is rather confusing and seemed to make matters worse, if that is possible.


Anonymous 25 September at I can’t get past the part at 6: The Hanayama Cast series of puzzles solugion to be the most common puzzles around.

Puzzle Solution for Cast Quartet

Anonymous 5 January at Kevin 1 December at I checked a solution on youtube, it was somewhat shorter than mine, but that was based on an extremely spagetti-like confoguration. Becuase given the many symmetries it has, I doubt there’s anything like “solved but backwards”, so maybe I’m completely lost in what you mean.

Took it home and watched my non-puzzling hhanayama find both solutions within a half an hour. Hours I tell ya, stuck with a broken puzzle!

On Friday October 3rd Adrian Fernando wrote. After studying the packaging at Christmas, I knew that there was an alternate assembly for the Quartet.

Agholson 18 November at Hanayama’s level 1 is equivalent to our level However, it seems to have been misplaced with all the rearranging and such so I cannot tell if it was an actual Hanayama piece or a replica.

Solve the difficult wooden ball puzzle How To: Thanks for reading Roxanne: At every positon I slution all the moves possible, those that look easy and naturaly going, and than remembered the most promising one and continued in that direction.