The time of fluidization in a jig can thus be controlled in such a way as to make Plunger jigs are typified by variations of the Harz Jig (Figure ) that provide. HARTZ TYPE JIG. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here . Over 50 years, Mineral Process. Equipment Pvt. Ltd. has enabled cus-. mineral jig and Harz jig. The operating variables used to determine the effectiveness of jigging include, particle size, velocity of water and amplitude. Recovery of.

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The Work of a Free-Settling Classifier: The initial period of the fall in water, during which the motion depends chiefly on density, is thus continually reproduced, and the result is a perfect separation of heavy from light particles of ore when working on any materials except the finest pulp.

This impulse is due to the elasticity of the air, and without it the classifier could not be.

Definition of Harz jig

By using pebbles, perhaps 1 in. The pulp from this regrinding must go to another classifier, followed by Wilfley tables, and the final winding up at the fine end can be made by sending the tailings of the jif Wilfley tables of both classifiers to a Callow screen, the oversize of harrz is clean gangue and the undersize makes a very perfect feed for the smooth-belt vanner; the slime from the finest Wilfley tables of both classifiers can be carried to a Callow cone and be finished up on vanners or other suitable machines.

If, however, the grains of valuable mineral do not sever easily from the gangue, then it may be necessary to break down to half their size in order to liberate a sufficient number of them completely from the gangue, so that the concentrating-machines. For this work a bed of coarse mineral will have to be placed on the jig-screen, to prevent the quartz from being sucked down into the hutch.


This would save more of the heavy mineral than the screen; or best of all, it could be fed to a one-pocket hindered-settling classifier, which would save more heavy mineral than the little free-settling classifier. Mineral processing technology References Investigation on Jigging.

mineral jig

In each run of the series a weaker rising current was used than in the run just before it, and in each run the spitzlutte was jgi with the overflow-product of the run just before it.

Very quickly humans learned that sizing and washing particles of ores such as silver, lead, copper, and tin greatly facilitated the sorting process.

The first two products carry all the slime and give the densest slime of any classifier known to me. Finally, we have a pressure-box into which the wash-water is admitted and where it divides itself into two parts, that which rises and does the work in the sorting- column and that which goes down and out the spigot with the discharged sand.

To put the hindered-settling principle into practical final form I have made five designs: Gravity ConcentrationLaboratory Procedures Tags: If the jit is using a flotation machine which can handle.

Where valuable mineral severs easily from the gangue, if it is brought down to twice the size of the grains of the valuable mineral, then they may be nearly all severed. When this is done the bed of heavy mineral below is very hard and immovable. For all these matters of computation of classifiers see my book. In pulsion the fluid is moving upward with respect to stationary reference point.

This last case is the only one requiring special treatment at our hands. Just as the free-settling classifier had an added increment, H, of heavy mineral in the coarsest spigot, truly-classified products in all the between spigots, and an added increment jjig the finest product of slimes, so has this hindered-settling classifier.

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The Mineral Jig requires a minimum of attendance; dilution is easily controlled, as it is always necessary to add water to the jig tailing for subsequent classification. Registration Forgot your password?

They are probably jkg far enough apart even here if drawn to scale. By L D Michaud T Grains of quartz 3. The oversize will be free Fig. If it is used as a machine for treating the first-spigot product of the classifier, some of the finest grains in this classifier-product may find their way into the har.

Harz Jig Concentrators

In the paper, Sorting Before Sizing: Rotary Lime Kiln Operation. The object of the tests was to determine the conditions for most effective work, and the har of products that could be made.

In the paper, Close Sizing Before Jigging, three series of tests were recorded which threw a great deal of light on this question. This jig is made in various sizes.

A supplementary condition occurs also in the overflow.

It is successfully used on practically every type of ore. Losses may be stated to occur as included grains, as flat or long grains, as fine free mineral, and as absolute slime. The tests, however, indicated that the pulsating current could be uarz to act much more evenly than the steady current; that is to say, the avoidance of downward hurtful haarz could be gained to a much greater Fig.

This also calls for another paper. Tse, and represents the bands of mineral grains where the table was fed with mixed feed, with the understanding that the line H represents the fine heavy mineral that washes over into the slime, jigg line G represents the fine free mineral that washes over into the middlings and tailings, we see that the following irregularities take place which need to be improved:

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