“And I absolutely adore Hollowpoint. I have been playing RPGs for a little over 10 years now, so many different systems, different genres, etc. I’ve never played a. Hollowpoint, by VSCA, “is a role-playing game that uses a novel engine to generate fast on-the-fly violent action at the drop of a hat, brought to. The RPG of superior agents carrying out missions by any means necessary. INTRODUCTION. Hollowpoint is a complete and mechanically.

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G2P – Hollowpoint

No one in this game is innocent. To be frank, I love them all. All characters begin at Agent Hpllowpoint. The target of the action must remove a die from one of those sets. It offers a unique way to model these kinds of characters and conflicts. Or, when you are feeling generous, death.

Thoughts on “hollowpoint” | Hollowpoint | RPGGeek

The stark presentation fits the tone of the game. I supported because… “Auntie Olive underwrote my lazy butt and supported for me. Three details define agencies. Learn More I supported because… “Auntie Olive underwrote my lazy butt and supported for me. As well, there are several pages of agency Field Guides on various topics shotguns, pistols, first aid, etc.

Leisure Games in the UK. Everyone will need a big batch of d6s for play.

As a straight Hollowpoint alternative, consider doing some of the same things, but with sweet ninjas, like Wu Xing: Joshua Ferreiro da Rocha. Players can come back as Operatives or Handlers instead of base Agents.


Tabletop Review: Hollowpoint

These traits can by physical features, like a scar; memories of past missions; or objects, souvenirs of past events and deeds.

They give them the coolest stuff, free access to anything, and the knowledge that their characters stand above the rabble. And could that be done without making radical changes to the set up? If you buy the hard copy, send us proof a picture! Gruuzhnag — The Gamorrean Cyber-Surgeon.

They are the ultimate in bad-ass cool. Turn on your fellows and you move on. The only difference in the 3 sheets are the three basic types of characters in the rgp Any reskinning would have to function with the following assumptions- a group of peers both allied and with some personal agendas; a larger society those characters belong to; a set of well defined and agreed upon objectives; access to multiple characters if one gets hollowpoitn a clear opposition.

Hollowpoint offers no rules for these elements- the players can play freely as long as they want. It’s a brilliant little design element, and one that arises naturally from the game itself, rather than feeling like an artificial leash.

The Ref rolls dice, too, which represent ALL of the threats in that scene. The actual dice mechanics of the game are rather simple, and luck will loom.

The trick is how to actually narrate the events to both tell a good story and manage to work towards completing the mission. If a Principal is involved, the GM adds even more dice and splits that pool before rolling. Yet at the same time, they rely on each other for support and safety.



Age of Ravens: Hollowpoint: Review & Some Thoughts

You could inject a degree of humanity, perhaps of tragedy, perhaps of morality, rather than focusing on the absolute cool superiority of these iconic characters. It has been your support, financial and hollowpoknt, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

That can generate many different answers, some of them presenting a real challenge for the player to work into a scene.

They remain in the scene until it is over, or they chose to move on. Even their custos are usually a cut above the ordinary folk. At the start of the hollowpooint, five dice are added to a bowl or other separate area in the middle of table for each character.

Brief and gritty narrative passages open each chapter, contrasting that precision. Effects have two stages: But where Fiasco possesses a gritty, run you through hollow;oint mud tone, Hollowpoint maintains clinical detachment.

The mission must be completed regardless of cost or means.