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A free, open and searchable database of Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) information. Largest H-eigenvalue of uniform s-hypertrees · Yuan Hou, An Chang, Lei Zhang Pages Download PDF (KB). Research Article. state lees r *z 1 to thh,a cat, Y A. shy r sir wet t, Is fel U’A’l AVM VKs four or f.. ago ktl Ilan ‘, 1 Lei Z)!’ 9Ci Nw1 11jt e ai1Q iur Mw r e l o trlrn? 1 I t vais 0t9 t.

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Guo Y, Xue M. Support Center Support Center. In item ty J llr1As Two A.

Various epidemic models have been proposed and explored extensively and great progress has been achieved in the studies of disease control and prevention. Xu Chen 1 and Lei Zhang 2. Well-posedness and dynamics of the stochastic fractional magneto-hydrodynamic equations.

To get the latest that Fold3 has to offer, you’ll need to update to one of the following modern browsers. In this paper, type curves are also established to delineate flow characteristics of the system.

Before it was called the FBIthe Bureau of Investigation investigated real and perceived threats to the nation and its citizens.

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The rest of this paper is organized as follows. Characterizations of common fixed points of one-parameter nonexpansive semigroups. Methods of Qualitative Theory in Nonlinear Dynamics. A free boundary problem for lel ratio-dependent diffusion predator-prey system.

Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank anonymous referees for their constructive comments which improve the readability of the paper.


How does Europe PMC derive its citations network? However, for an endemic disease, we should incorporate the demographic structure into the epidemic model. In addition, a precise description of secondary fractures in SRV regions is of critical importance for production analysis and prediction.

Introduction The role of mathematical modeling has been intensively growing in the study of epidemiology. InYan et al. In this paper, we will study the existence of the disease-free equilibrium and endemic equilibrium, and the stability of the disease-free equilibrium and the endemic equilibrium for this system. Genealogy with seasonality, the basic reproduction number, and the influenza pandemic.

Start your 7-day Free Trial Get Access to this image and everything else on Fold3 Access to over millions of documents. Bifurcations and dynamic complexity in simple ecological models. Conditions will be derived for the existence of a flip bifurcation and a Hopf bifurcation by using bifurcation theory [ 1112 ] and the center manifold theorem [ 13 ].

Many authors have investigated the autonomous epidemic models.

Journal of Inequalities and Applications. Energy Innovation Software Co. Wan L, Xu R. I dr tkmw skis tiyamlio. Guckenheimer and Holmes [ 2 ] examined an SIR epidemic model with a non-monotonic incidence rate, and they also analyzed the dynamical behavior of the model and derived the stability conditions for the disease-free and the endemic equilibrium.

Received Feb 8; Accepted Jun 7. Miscellaneous Files- 21 Case Number: Already a Premium member? Find all citations in this journal default.

We firstly discuss the existence of the equilibria of model 2. Model formulation InYan et al. Robinson C, Holmes P.


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In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Serious, as well as far-fetched accounts will give you a fresh insider’s perspective to the history of this time period. Are ecological systems chaotic – and if not, why not?

Main results We firstly discuss the existence of the equilibria of model 2. You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Then the existence and local stability of the disease-free equilibrium and endemic equilibrium of the model are discussed.

Published online Jun See our other membership options. In addition, ,ei chose h as the bifurcation parameter and studied the existence and stability of flip bifurcation and Hopf bifurcation of this model by using the center manifold theorem and the bifurcation theory.

LZ carried out the transformation process, designed the solution methodology and drafted the manuscript.

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It should leii emphasized that system 1 has no vital dynamics births and deaths because it was usually used to describe the transmission dynamics of a disease within a short outbreak period.

Funding China Postdoctoral Science Foundation. Finally, production performance was analyzed for Marcellus and Fuling shale gas wells, in the U.

Jiang Z, Sun S. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.