These Operating Instructions are valid for the 93XX controllers of the versions: Instead use a vector control EVF or contact Lenze. Lenze has designed the vector vector Combining power with high performance manuals for bus systems and our operating instructions. This documentation is valid for controller types vector control as from the frequency inverters of the 93XX vector control series and other Lenze drive.

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The optical fibre can be easily adapted through an optical fibre socket at the module. The cables have a connector on one end for connection to the vector. The relevant drivers are installed automatically.

LV [V] 20 In addition, its built-in memory can be used to transfer parameters to other inverters. Selection of brake resistors The suitable brake resistor must meet the following requirements: Simple dialogue boxes e.

Extensive installation guidelines are provided to facilitate the assembly process. Lenze Product information – vector Communication The frequency inverters communicate with a higherlevel host system via plug-on communication modules. A motor choke is an inductance which is connected to the motor vecgor at the frequency inverter output.

U1, V1, W1 a1 a Note: For the host system we offer optical fibre adapters which can be plugged into the interface of the host computer.


Lenze 9300 Vector Frequency Inverters

It is added to the value of the brake resistance manusl has a considerable effect on the total resistance. The cable has connectors on both ends for connection to two frequency inverters.

When laying out cables, ensure adherence to national and vecyor regulations. The Keypad XT can also be used on devices from the vector, servo and DrivePLC ranges, as well as on distributed motec motor inverters via diagnosis terminal.

Lenze 9300 vector frequency inverter 110 … 400 kW

PC system bus converter Type ref. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. This module is particularly useful for servicing applications.

This provides a high level of flexibility for various drive and automation tasks. Install the motor choke as close as possible to the frequency inverter. Observe ,enze operating conditions of the motor chokes see page The amount of current is determined by the voltage slope and the chopper frequency of the frequency inverter as well as by the effective capacitances of the motor cable.

This reduces the load on – or even eliminates the need for – higher-level control systems, free of charge! The frequency inverter can only be protected using semiconductor fuses utilisation class gRL. Our company policy, which places the customer at the centre of our focus, means that quality is always our top priority.


U, V, W Output: It comprises an air duct Figure 1which is assembled directly on the frequency inverter heat sink, and an air lock cover Figure 2. Following mechanical installation, the master and slave are connected electrically parallel connection: Other inverters in the range servo or vector can also be used for the DC supply or DC bus connection in the models shown on these vectro.

Lenze EVF−xV User Manual | 46 pages | Also for: EVF−xV

Motor chokes can also be used to reduce currents in motor bearings. Two LEDs are located on the communication module to indicate the communication status. Braking is always controlled when using an external brake resistor. This enables, for lenzw, the precise and speed synchronous control of multiple motor systems. These currents increase the load on the frequency inverter and this may lead to shut-down on faults.