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The revolving doors spin again | Corporate Europe Observatory

For the sake of clarity and transparency, in our view all new roles, unpaid and paid, and whether ‘honorary’ or not, should be authorised.

December 10th The power of lobbies. It is hard dg understand what this means in practice, considering that the Forum for the Future of Agriculture is a lobby event promoting the interests of agribusiness corporations representing their own agricultural model.

Commissioner for Trade ; Development and Humanitarian Affairs Only the Sogular Legal Service asked for the standard 18 month lobby ban to be specifically included in the authorisation decision. We have sent the report to the European Ombudsman who is very engaged on matters relating to the revolving door. The Nature Conservancy publicly announced its recruitment of Damanaki one month before the role was authorised by the Commission, something which the rules should clearly forbid.

The revolving doors spin again

One in three 9 out of 26 outgoing commissioners who left office in have gone through the ‘revolving door’ into roles in corporations or other organisations with links to big businessleading to fears of an unhealthily close relationship between the EU’s executive body and private interests, according to a new report press release here.


This would help introduce joined-up thinking in cases like that of Siim Kallas who has multiple roles and obligations, as a former commissioner, a current Sorrular special adviser, and until August a private sector consultant. Get our monthly newsletter.

No new roles should be publicised until they have received full authorisation.

All publications – HELCOM

The Ad zmlerl Ethical Committee consists of a trio of ex-EU institution insiders currently a former Commission director-general, an ex-MEP, and an ex-EU judgetasked with providing an opinion to the Commission on the compatibility of former commissioners’ proposed new roles with their obligations under the EU treaty.

Women and Girls at the Forefront of Sustainable Development: One in three 9 out of 26 outgoing commissioners who left office in have gone through the ‘revolving door’ into roles in corporations or other organisations with links to big business.

This year marks the birth centenary of globally renowned South African icon, Nelson Mandela.

But it was the gas industry that really stunk up the conference, its influence seeping into all corners of the negotiating halls.

But what does being Honorary Chairman of the Honorary Committee actually mean? Land based pollution; Monitoring and assessment; Agriculture; Industrial releases.

The questions this report set out to answer are: Four commissioners have taken at least eight roles between them which should have been rejected outright by the Commission. In our view, the Commission should have applied a far lengthier and broader lobby ban, with specific zmperi to those corporations with funding or governance links to the TNC.


Meanwhile, the Commission did not consider that it even needed to formally authorise Barroso’s new role at the European Business Summit, due to its honorary nature, despite the EBS being the largest business lobby event in the Brussels bubble calendar. Kroes was told to avoid direct lobbying on behalf of BoAML for 18 months, but no mention was made of its clients or of indirect lobbying.

The Commission should have taken a far more sceptical view about this role and the automatic benefits likely to accrue to Enel from having an ex-commissioner endorsing the study. Pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environment of the Baltic Sea region – A status report. Does the committee meet in person?

View in Web Browser. The revolving door between the Barroso II Commission and the corporate sector. This would enable further research and checking to take place and could dgss help with post-authorisation monitoring see below. The case for reform is compelling, although it is likely too late to impact upon the former Barroso II commissioners.

The committee was embroiled in a major scandal in when the then Commission President Barroso decided to re-appoint Michel Petite as the committee’s Chairman.

EDD featured speakers. Almunia did not respond to CEO’s questions. Is it having your name and photo on the website, or something more? Her Majesty the Queen of the Belgians.