A pulp polyp, also known as chronic hyperplastic pulpitis, is a “productive” (i.e., growing) inflammation of dental pulp in which the development of granulation. Pulp polyp (PP) is also known as chronic hyperplastic pulpitis or proliferative pulpitis. Clinically it appears as proliferative red mass seen in the occulsal portion . PDF | Chronic hyperplastic pulpitis (pulp polyps) usually occurs in molar teeth of children and young adults and is characterized by an.

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Histological evaluation of teeth with hyperplastic pulpitis caused by trauma or caries: J Appl Oral Sci ; Laboratory examinations including CBC differential, WBC, platelet count, PT, and PTT were within normal limits, and in orthopanthogram radiography we observed left carious mesioangular semi impacted 3 rd molar with no specific lesion in bone and adjacent tissues Figure 1. This case report highlights the unusual presentation of pulp polyp in a middle aged young woman which was confirmed by the histo-pathological analysis.

Pulp polyp

Presumably the young pulp does not become necrotic following exposure, because its natural defenses and rich supply of blood allow it to resist bacterial infection.

Hyperplastic pulpitis, lamina dura, periapical pathologies, peridontitis, pulp polyp. After the crown preparation impression was made chroinc sent to the lab for the processing of porcelain fused to metal crown.

So based on the clinical and radiographic examination these differential diagnosis were possible which included pulp polyp, papilloma or gingival polyp. How to cite this URL: She gave history of six months for its presence that enlarged gradually and interfered with eating and occluding the teeth, so that made patient worried about it Figure 1Figure 2.


Mechanical irritation and bacterial invasion result in a level of chronic inflammation that produces hyperplastic granulation tissue extrudes from the chamber and often fills the associated dentinal defect 2.

This paper discusses multidisciplinary approach in the management of chronic hyperplastic pulpitis which was initiated with scaling and root planing, root canal therapy followed by post and core, crown lengthening and restoration of the tooth with porcelain fused to metal crown.

The purpose of this case report is to report the hyperplastic pulpitis in right mandibular molar in middle aged patient and its multidisciplinary management. Effects of injury and inflammation on pulpal and periapical nerves.

Acta Stomatol Croat ; Endodontic procedure The first step in treatment plan after phase I therapy was to deal with endodontic procedure. Please review our privacy policy.

Apical enlargement was then completed to size 25 followed by step back procedure. No severe pain because this type of lesions usually hcronic no pain and subside within seconds after the stimulus is removed 2. Preoperative buccal view depicting short clinical crown length in Peterson’s principle of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery.

There should be a healthy relationship between periodontium and tooth, hypsrplastic alteration in balance between the two can ultimately lead to tooth loss. She was prescribed systemic antibiotics Amoxycillin mg three times a day for five days and analgesics Ibuprofen mg three times a day for three days with instructions to rinse the mouth daily with a solution of 0.

  ISO 5636-5 PDF

It rarely occurs in middle aged adults.

Unusual Presentation of Chronic Hyperplastic Pulpitis: A Case Report

Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer. Microscopic finding revealed a mass of inflamed granulation tissue resembling pyogenic granuloma that protruding from the.

Showing periapical changes in PP patients Click here to view. Initial periodontal therapy and re- evaluation and excision of pulpal growth for histological analysis.

Unusual Presentation of Chronic Hyperplastic Pulpitis: A Case Report

Patients reporting to Department of Chrpnic Medicine and Radiology and who were clinically diagnosed with PP by an oral diagnostician were subjected to radiographic examination. Exposing adequate tooth structure for restorative dentistry. A hyperplastic response of the pulp to acute inflammation occurs in young teeth but has never been reported to have developed in the teeth of middle-aged patients [ 12 ].

To evaluate different radiographic periapical changes in clinically detected PP patients.

Pulp polyp – Wikipedia

After 10 days, the sutures were removed and healing was found to be adequate and satisfactory. Journal List Iran Endod J v.

Open in a separate window. The surface of the lesion was ulcerated and replaced by a fibrin purulent membrane.

Thus intrapulpal pressure, which may consequently cause tissue damage and destruction of the microcirculation, does not develop 1.

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