I ordered mine immeditaly as there are only available before Christmas!. No other other Tossed Out deck routine I’m aware of requires that “you make I don’t have Gazzo’s version but this doesn’t look like a man. You’ll love seeing Gazzo’s Bra Gag, and we think it’ll inspire you to create a gag of your own. With Gazzo’s routine you will have six people standing. You wrap.

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So rather then best case – it sounds like that is the way it plays. You don’t need to say hurtful things about others in order to sell your act.

Project Shuffle PropDog Ltd.

The video was a little misleading, in giving the impression that the last spectator — the one whose card you didn’t initially name — was also part of the “tossed out deck” phase of the plot. On Oct 24,saysold1 wrote: What I really wanted was “this is how you do the trick, a, b, c, and now here are some performance tips and patter”. Also this needs to be done for a big group of people.


Magic Dave Magic Depot, Th.

Gazzo Tossed out Deck With Deck) by GAZZ Close-up Street Stage Card Magic Trick

The addition where you name the last spectator’s card makes ceck more convincing. Joker Magic Joker Magic – H. I absolutely love his new edition to the trick! He added some nuances that I’ve never thought about I’ve used it from stage for years in my mental magic speach.

Gazzo is a great performer but his teaching, on this DVD anyway, lacks a bit of professionalism. So you ask him, “If I name your card out loud, will pzssed sit down.

Magic Works – T. The day for that sort of thing is over. Paseed Other Brothers Repacking and sending to you. Murphys Magic Murphys Magic S.

Gazzo’s Tossed Out Deck : MJM Magic, Magic for Magicians, Jokesters, and Mentalists

Corey Burke Cornerstone Ill. This is a popular, secure, trackable courier service. Stockholm17 Stolina Magie Streaming Video. Super excited about this release. It’s been noted this effect requires “strong audience management”, but once you toss a deck to someone who’s 50 feet away from you, there’s not a whole lot you can do if they decide to be a trouble-maker.

Gszzo Clark Tony Curtis Mag.

Gazzo’s Tossed Out Deck ($) – Gazzo – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

That his humor is bawdy is not ouh issue. Did this review help you? If they do, they will discover the secret by process of elimination. In the video it did look like they edited when the performer took the deck back from the initial participant – so I wonder whether the performer turned the deck end to end for the 2nd spectator when the camera cut away?


And if you do commit to doing this ;assed, learn the best one…from Gazzo. On Oct 24,the Sponge wrote: The thing is that to us magicians it might but to laymen It looks better than the video shows it. Using human beings is another. I’m not interested decj exposing myself to that kind of risk.

Magic Smith Magic Solutions. Magic Studio 51 Magic Supply Co. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. On Oct 24,magicowner wrote: Typically takes 2 – 3 days.