It’s been such a pleasure to read Paradise by Abdulrazak Gurnah. The novel is quite well-known in the West, having been shortlisted for the. Paradise [Abdulrazak Gurnah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A finalist for the Booker Prize, England’s highest honor for works of. Tales are told of what lies beyond the known world: seas that freeze, a wall built by the giants Gog and Magog, the earthly paradise with its.

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Shortlisted for the Booker Prize now the Man Booker Prizethis story about a boy called Yusuf who is sold into the service of a successful merchant to pay his fathe DNF I rarely do this, but I have to face facts: Coming-of-age, Exploration, Historical, Literary Written by: Paradise is at once the story of an African boy’s coming of age, a tragic love story, and a tale of the corruption of traditional African patterns by European colonialism. It follows the coming of age of Yusuf, who is sold as a sort of slave or indentured servant to the rich merchant Aziz in order to pay off his father’s debts.

Through Yusuf’s innocent, uneducated eyes we get glimpses and snippets of the presence of Germans, Belgiums and Brits, though most of the time the locals don’t even know – or care – what country they’re from. Mar 16, Simona Pierrovskaia rated it liked it. It had an interesting depiction of how one became a slave to other Africans in colonial Africa.

The Europeans are very much a background threat until the end; an ominous absence.

Dec 25, Ruqaiya Said rated it it was gurnqh Shelves: Retrieved from ” https: Gurnah has an immense gift for using understated language to call up vivid imagery—there’s no overblown description here, no moralising, and the reader nonetheless gets a strong sense of the region which would later become Tanzania at the turn of the twentieth century.

The characters give off a feeling furnah realness, almost as if you could identify them with someone from your own daily life, therefore contributing to a closer relationship between the reader and the text. Lists with This Book. I am now encouraged to find the two that I have not read: Yusuf helps out in a store the merchant own’s.

Take this snippet of conversation between Kalasinga, a Shiekh Indian who lives almost like a local and is accepted by themand Hussein, a shop keeper who lives in a village halfway up the mountain: The biggest appeal of this book is its writing. This was the opposite of that, for me. Paradise is at once the story of an African boy’s coming of age, a tragic love story, and a tale of the corruption of traditional African patterns by European colonialism.


Then, just as Yusuf begins to comprehend the choices required of him, he and everyone around him must adjust gurnxh the new reality of European colonialism. It tells the story of a teenage boy who grows up in a society which is changing.

There was a richness and depth to the story and there are parallels to another story.

Paradise by Abdulrazak Gurnah

The setting is precolonial north Africa. Hidup menghamba pada sang saudagar karena hutang orang tua. The novel was very captivating and I enjoyed reading the novel especially as it depicted the richness of the paradisw and an era of the past. It is evocative and wonderful to read.

You know how sometimes you read a story that you loved and you say something paradisee, it drew me in or I got lost in the story or even the more dull, I couldn’t put it down. Cities are growing, populations are moving, merchants are trading and selling, and colonialists from many countries are vying for influence.

A story that examines the African swahili culture from its social aspects by presenting the different ethnic races that make it and their day to day struggle. There is discussion of differences among the various gods. Set during a time of European expansion in Africa – sometime turnah WWII, judging by the descriptions of the German’s silver cross flag after the war, Africa was divided up more clearly by the Europeans but before it, places like Tanzania saw several different colonisers – I picture them mapping their way through gurnab land, deciding which bits they want based on the natural resources available – this place that wasn’t quite Tanzania yet is on the cusp of losing its pre-colonial identity.

Africa is changing, people from Europe are messing with the previous order of things. I really enjoyed the story set in a part of the world at a time unfamiliar to me. The uncle owns a store in a coastal city and is a trader in the days of year-long pack-animal caravans into the heart of Africa the lakes around where modern-day Congo and Uganda meet.

He ends up living on the coast, helping out in a store the merchant owns, but doesn’t attend to himself. He is mortgaged by his father to pay his deepening debt to a man Paradjse knows only as Uncle Aziz.


The plot if pretty gutnah non-existent, but there are some interesting characters in the book that carry you along on the various stories. Just as Yusuf must come ggurnah age, so also must the country as pxradise various groups contending for influence make choices about how much they will accept, reject, or adapt to outside influences.

Jun 18, Paul rated it really liked it Shelves: Colonialism is not seen as all bad either.


May 07, Rachel rated it really liked it. People are rarely all good or all bad and the characters in this story gain and lose the readers sympathy depending on how they behave towards others. The characters give off a feeling of realness, almost as if you could identify them with someone from your own parafise life, therefore contributing to a clos A book that offers a glimpse into a desperate life as a hostage and slave to the world: Beautifully written but baffling story that seems to go nowhere.

Berwajah menawan, terbuang dan kemudian bermasalah dengan perempuan karena kerupawanannya. Uncle Aziz takes him on one of his trading expeditions through what is now Tanzania and we encounter jungle, strange and wonderful people; Yusef stays with a trading partner of Aziz for a time, where his growing attractiveness continues to be a problem.

I particularly enjoyed the author’s story telling style and got a feel of rural life in paradies century East Africa: We are taken on a journey with Yusuf in his coming of age story, but I couldn’t help feeling that there wasn’t a great deal of difference between the younger Yusuf and the supposedly mature Yusuf towards the middle and end of the book. From the simple life of rural Africa, Yusuf is thrown into the complexities of precolonial urban East Africa – a fascinating world in which Muslim black Africans, Christian missionaries, and Indians from the subcontinent coexist in a paradisw, subtle social hierarchy.

Ada pula Mzee Hamdani, budak yang setia merawat kebun sang Saudagar meski telah lama paradize diberi kebebasan untuk lepas dari status sebagai budak.