Richard Hofstadter’s famous Anti-Intellectualism in American Life, his tenth book, earned him the Pulitzer Prize in Non-Fiction (). This “personal book,”. For the ages For Hofstadter, pictured here in , anti-intellectualism was an By the time Anti-Intellectualism in American Life was published (), he was a . Anti-intellectualism in American Life was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Non- Fiction. It is a book which throws light on many features of the American.

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That has been the case, more or less, in our local school district. The money making faculty is alone cultivated. Progressive politics in changed the intellectual. Intellectuals became reformers and as such were stigmatized as effeminate and incapable of dealing with the tough real world. It is a rich, complex, shifting picture of the life of the mind in a society dominated by the ideal of practical success. He argues that Dewey’s single-minded belief that schools should focus “on the developing interests and needs of the child” has resulted in inteplectualism range of distortions and perversions, all of which reinforce the anti-intellectual stance of the education establishment.

Hofstadter unfolds the fascinating story, it is no crude battle of eggheads and fatheads. Many critics have traced, over the past generation or more, the near or virtual disappearance of public intellectuals: LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. A generation before the Revolution, American revivalist preachers were already denigrating the university-educated ministers of the New England mainstream as This Pulitzer Prize winner had long been on my to-read list, hofstdater when Sarah Palin became a vice presidential candidate, I moved it to the short list and read it.

They helped establish many of the original higher level education institutions. The symptoms are frequent and obvious, even unavoidable. He was twice awarded the Pulitzer Prize: Among the intellectuals this rather simple view of things was turned upside down: Nothing amerjcan coterie language to anger outsiders who might want in. Plenty of credible intellectuals were for the educational ideas and some of the other demo-populist social trends he covers, whereas you can’t find many aamerican any who were for the loonier stuff.


Intellwctualism the author said: To our ears, a number of Hofstadter’s statements now sound remarkably naive. Hofstadter certainly does not say this, but he did make me think it: I would say the problem is not the politician, the problem are the people who want to be led and manipulated in order iintellectualism remain ignorant and to justify their hate of the other.

Review: Anti-Intellectualism in American Life ()

This Pulitzer Prize winner had long been on my to-read list, but when Sarah Palin became a vice presidential candidate, I moved it to the short list and read it. As an active scholar, he had weathered the s witch hunt against intellectuals and artists of many stripes, and this proved a pivotal event in his thinking, as reflected in several of his books. Goes a long way to explain the history of intellectual life intellectualixm America, examining religion, formal education, business, and politics.

If being an author didn’t hurt Kennedy’s election, it might well have hurt Al Gore’s status. He is hopeful that liberal culture will endure despite various anti-intellectual viruses attacking it. Dwight Moody led this movement in the late 19th century and Billy Sunday in the early 20th.

He would applaud as much as any Intellectualisk X of our State Constitution, which guarantees to all Montana citizens the right of access to education.

Anti-Intellectualism in American Life by Richard Hofstadter

They know they can’t entertain compared to halfbacks or point guards. Anti-intellectualism is not only an American thing.

To ask other readers questions about Anti-Intellectualism in American Lifeplease sign up. Curriculums have also drifted from an emphasis on the 3R’s and science to less rigorous subjects, resulting in a less educated populous. Hofstadter’s seminal study rehearses our marginal role by chronicling the long history of American anti-intellectualism.

Their air, manner and conversation are alike contracted. The Baptists less organized, less educated and somewhat less effective used similar tactics.

Richard words this more eloquently when he says that and this is the key theme in the book: Or Choteau, where, midway through the school year, the new superintendent cancelled a planned speech by University of Montana climatologist and Nobel Prize co-winner Steve Running.


Its concern is not merely to portray the scorners of intellect in American life, but to say something about what the intellectual is, and can be, as a force in a democratic society. Here some notes — I did not know Richard Hofstadter before reading this book, which first published inwinner of the Pulitzer of that year.

Now that Trump, that “stable genius,” is our president, perhaps I should read it again. They began espousing the democratic values that were the basis hofstavter their own disdain putting themselves in an awkward situation.

Anti-Intellectualism in American Life

But Hofstadter did not only focus on the anti-intellectualism of the Right. But hasn’t quite a lot happened sinceto make other book s on the topic even more relevant? I want to be fair to Hofstadter.

For the historian, Dewey’s attitude towards the child is “more romantic and primitivist When intellectuals position themselves as ideologues, common anger grows quickly I suspect it also relates to the sort of rule-breaking desire to make connections between disparate things, that is at the heart of analogy or allegory. I have suggested that in some sense he lives for ideas—which means that he has a sense of dedication to the life of the mind which is very much like a religious commitment.

The cultured class was out. Success depended on skilled recruiting and religion that was readily accessible. Jun 01, Ci rated it it was amazing Shelves: Presumably most American intellectuals in the young 21st century make a living in think tanks or in the groves of academe which phrase Mary McCarthy borrowed for her satiric novel. This cult antj images and denominational practices particularly from American Protestantism and applied them to the world of business and the language of self-help.

The Great Awakening marked the end of the Puritan age and the beginning of the evangelical.

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