The more complete text is called ‘The Autumn of the Middle Ages. . Norman Cantor, in Inventing the Middle Ages devotes five pages to Huizinga, in his closing. So begins one of the most famous works of history ever published, Johan Huizinga’s The Autumn of the Middle Ages. Few who have read this book in English. Published in , Johan Huizinga’s Herfsttij der middeleeuwen (Autumn of the Middle Ages and also known as Waning of the Middle Ages) is.

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Once one understands and accepts his fifteenth cen- tury, it is no surprise, no mistake, that the kinds of changes that grew across Europe by ensued. The translators have restored both and added the translations of quotations that will make the text a much better classroom book than it was. Here, interestingly, there is an active high-level role for thw classics.

The ultimate challenge for Huizinga inay well be to find the scholarly world transformed into a place of sharp and person- al prose, of as Inany quirks on the page as there are quirks in the classroom.

Ships within 24 hours! This book exposed the “vehement pathos “of medieval life. It also anticipated the cultural history of the s and historicized literary studies. It depoliticizes the picture, side- stepping all sectarian and nationalist accounts. Thus even though Huizinga’s seiisitivity to culture and mentality paralleled the contemporary work of Bloch and later of Kantorowicz.

In the end, Huizinga relies so extensively on literary sources, his work serves as gloss to that literature and its aristocratic audience, but says little about everyday life for the rest.

Raymond Klibansky and Ernest C. Nov 28, Monica rated it liked it Shelves: What books do survive to give good reading more than seventy-five years after their first appearance?

This book took me way too long to read based on the length but that’s because it was so dense. The period, he argues, was committed to the master intellectual.

Very good A copy that has been read, but remains in excellent condition. The details have mattered less than the vision. The item may have identifying markings on it or show other signs of previous use. This means that we admire books in different ways and for substantially different rea- sons at different historical mornents.


A new English translation of the book was published in because of perceived deficiencies in the original translation, although the new translation itself was criticized for being based on a German translation of the original Dutch book needs citation as this statement is inaccurate.

He was sure of himself. Click here for details.

The Waning of the Middle Ages is likely to appear on anyone’s list of the ten best books ever written on medieval history, and a plausible argument would place it near the top [it’s one of the all-time best sellers on the subject] … But Huizinga stands alone and remote from the ongoing dialogues in medieval studies. Oxford, ;Johli Demos. Very Good Tight, bright, uncreased spine, pages clear and bright, shelf and edge wear, cover curl, corners bumped, packaged in cardboard box for shipment, tracking on U.

Thus his history irritated only a few eighteenth-century Whigs, becoming serviceable and then secondary to his philosophy as the nineteenth century wore on. Subject has mat- tered too. If you want a story, a narrative history that can pretend to tell you how things actually happened then this is not the book for you.

Articles with Project Gutenberg links. This approach, quick and cut- ting, was especially appealing to those who needed a preface to vindicate the superiority of the modernity to follow. Between hellish fears and the most childish jokes, between cruel harshness and sen- timental sympathy, the people stagger-like a giant with the head of a child, hither and thither.

The Waning of the Middle Ages by Johan Huizinga

I am a history major and I still could not immediately place every historical I could not finish this book, I just could not. Huizinga is not really interested in change, however, even if his work fits nice- ly into a larger story that encompasses the supposed shift towards the modern. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless.

The English Court was a full of hatred. Each chapter introduces a general proposition about medieval life, which is then supported by a list jiddle examples. Johan Agee was a Dutch historian and one of the founders of modern cultural history.

The Autumn of the Middle Ages – Wikipedia

The point is that within historiography there are multiple genres co-existing. The equally long index however is very good.

It is the speculative nature of Huzingia’s scholarship that is both the greatest strength and weakness of “Autumn”. Their histories become to a great extent historical documents rather than works of rrctil3ehistory.


For example, Huizinga conveys the hhizinga decline by his repetition of categories of excess.

The objectivity I’m pointing to has, therefore, only a limited connection to the debates we associate with Histof? Bad governance, exactions, the cupidity and violence of the great, wars and brigandage, scarcity, misery and pestilence—to this is contemporary history nearly reduced in the eyes of the people.

People laughed at the government’s proclamation. Your purchase benefits world literacy!

For it was not merely the great facts of birth, marriage and death which, by the sacredness of the sacrament, were raised to the rank of mysteries; incidents of less importance, like a journey, a task, a visit, were equally attended by a thousand formalities: Jul 17, Ivan rated it it was amazing. Long regarded as a landmark of historical scholarship, The Waning of the Middle Ages is also a remarkable work of literature. The Greek gods have large wings outside their ermine mantles… Saturn devouring his children, Midas awarding the prize, are simply ridiculous and devoid of lf charm… we have come to the limit of the creative faculty of these artists.

But he also showed that sympathy could thrive with judgment-perhaps a tone echoing Tylor or Frazer more than Radcliffe-Brown or Evans-Pritchard.

The Autumn of the Middle Ages

Plainly, a more dynamic model would allow that there were only performances on theines of unknown provenance, that it is all inore jazz improvisation than classical precision.

Long after the Middle Ages the collections of princes contained works of art mixed up indiscriminately with knick-knacks made of shells and of hair, wax statues of celebrated dwarfs … Time the destroyer has made it easy for us to separate pure art from all these geegaws and bizarre trappings … This separation … did not exist for the men of that time.

Product Description Product Details This classic study of art, life, and thought in France and the Netherlands during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries ranks as one of the most perceptive analyses of the medieval period.

I am ashamed but will accept my limitations as a scholar and reader.