Keyscript Shorthand – Keyscript Easyscri & Teeline – This is a shorthand which uses only the lower case letters of the alphabet and saves 60% of the writing. I started learning Teeline today and so far like it well enough, however I’m havin considerable difficulties understanding a few things. Firstly. A brief look at various handwriting and shorthand systems and why they’re needed. Keyscript, a new system based on Pitman’s, claims to be the fastest of the.

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For this reason, it is sometimes known as phonographymeaning “sound writing” in Greek. Teeline Shorthand Teeline Shorthand is taught to journalism majors in some Commonwealth countries, mainly the UK, but is little known elsewhere.

Including a machine-shorthand system, Sokutaipu, we have 5 major shorthand systems now. Gregg was invented by John Robert Gregg and was first published in It distinguishes between far more speech sounds than are minimally needed to identify one word from another.

The sense of the matter should be carefully preserved by the punctuation of the notes, indicating the full stop and leaving spaces in the notes between phrases. The way out of this madness is to write using a phonetic alphabet—one sound, one symbol.

Alpha Shorthand Systems – KEYSCRIPT – Alpha Pitman Shorthand

Machine shorthand is also a common term for writing produced by a stenotypea specialized keyboard. In Europe, particularly in Great Keyscrpit there are thousands of educational institutions teaching Pitman’s shorthand.

Omniglot is how I make my living. Universal English Shorthand [53]. Although the primary use of shorthand has been to record oral dictation or discourse, some systems are used for compact expression.

Word processing software, such as Word, could possibly be set up to decode and expand words as you type which would allow you to speed type. It has also been called brachygraphyfrom Greek brachys short and tachygraphyfrom Greek tachys swift, speedydepending on whether compression or speed of writing is the goal.


Images up to megapixels allow for fine printing keyscrpt the largest sizes. Comparison of Keyscript with other Keyscrupt Shorthand Systems I have often boasted that Keyscript is the fastest fully alphabetical shorthand.

Archived from the original PDF on 27 July For machine stenography, see stenotype. Please note that payment for Keyscript may be made by PayPal to email account: However, these alphabetic systems do have value for students who cannot dedicate the years necessary to master a stenographic shorthand. Your book will be mailed within three business days. If you write something and then immediately transcribe it, as secretaries tend to do, then no major problem, but if you try to read something you wrote last year, then a major effort may be needed to decipher it, unless, that is, you have so mastered the system that you can sight read thousands of brief forms.

Keyscript Learn a bit this about relatively new alphabetic shorthand. Hellenistic tachygraphy consisted of kryscript stem signs and word ending signs.

While not intended to be fast, it is the most precise and accurate form of writing. The idea is that it would be much easier for everyone to learn an ideographic written language than a keysscript spoken, quasi-European language like Esperanto, or, worse, expect everyone to learn English.

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Instant delivery is not currently supported. The Pitman system is a complete phonetic alphabet, though diacritical marks have to be added alongside the lines keydcript indicate vowels, which is awkward. However, there are other shorthand machines used worldwide, including: An example of “Briefhand” might be: It has the advantage of being more easily printable by hand or keyboard than Bell’s Visible Speech.


Please also see graph at end. Schools and colleges, although depending heavily on lectures, will probably never provide students with a means to take notes efficiently—as sensible as that would be. The machine shorthands have gained some ascendancy over the pen shorthands. Well, let us see and compare.

Keyscript Shorthand

Vowels are often omitted for speed at the expense of readability, as in most shorthand systems. Not until the ability to write shorthand without mental hesitation has been acquired, should speed practice begin. Shorthnd, Gregg Shorthand is only a shorthand system; you can only write outlines of words. There are a number of different shorthand systems currently in use. The best matter of the for the student beginning practice for speed is to be found in the dictation books compiled by the publishers of the system.

There are several semi-cursive systems. By reading the shorthand magazines he will keep himself in touch with the latest developments in the art.

Keyscript Shorthand – Memory Techniques Wiki

Traditional shorthand systems are written on paper with a stenographic pencil or a stenographic pen. Mom’s Favorite Poems Lorien: After the decline of the Roman Empirethe Tironian notes were no longer used to transcribe shofthand, though they were still known and taught, particularly during the Carolingian Renaissance.

The not complete-idiot’s guide to: Teeline Shorthand is taught to journalism majors in some Commonwealth countries, mainly the UK, but is little known elsewhere. This led to a thriving industry of sokkibon shorthand books.