Learn True Health Podcast With Ashley James – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on the health The site has seminar schedules, articles, protocols and recommended. Prescribe for Yourself – You Must Learn To Be Your Own Best Doctor. Klinghardt Autism Protocols intro thumbnail. Klinghardt Autism Protocols ยท intro thumbnail. Protocols/treatments detailed within the Presentation.

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Klinghardt finds that depression is often a leading symptom of the condition. Therapy Neural Therapy Color Therapy. Those in bold are tell-tale signs of the condition.

The up and down movement on the trampoline encourages lymph system circulation, important for detoxification. In those where KPU was triggered by infection with Lyme organisms, Klinghardt has observed that the KPU is often an unstable form of the condition where there are times of higher levels of pyrroles being excreted and times when this is not observed. What disturbs the pH balance? Pfeiffer created an assay for the condition and was able to show clinical improvement in positive patients with high doses of zinc and vitamin B6 between mg and 3, mg B6.

The Klinghardt Academy has a wealth of information on all of Dr. Now, what then is the most dangerous heavy metal? And coffee enemas are probably 1. As a result, our body has become the driving force of toxic illness.

Search our pre archives for further information. Here most elimination products are expelled with the bile into the small intestine and should leave the body via the digestive tract. Klinghardt has found that once the KPU protocol is put in place, there is often swift resolution of long-standing infections and infestations.

On their way they disrupt vital functions of the nerve cell, such as axonal transport of nutrients, mitochondrial respiration and proper DNA transcription. Blood pH must be measured by a physician. Heavy Metals are responsible for increasing the production of free radicals as well as undermining the internal body environment and chemistry[1]. Parasites may then move to the liver and gallbladder. Deficiency may result in a change in hair pigment or a slowing of hair growth.


One may be acid and the other alkaline. They are absorbed by nerve endings and travel inside the neuron to the cell body. Zinc is a powerful antioxidant, and lower levels lead to an increase in oxidative stress. Repeat no more often than twice a month with a week between the bath series. Whenever a conflict is successfully resolved, an equally toxic amount of material can be easily released from the body. For every unresolved psycho-emotional conflict there are a number of toxic material stored in the body.

It was then termed “kryptopyrrole”, later identified as hydroxyhemopyrrolinone HPL. Prptocol metals detox is an essential method of healing. The forces that would like to you to keep the mercury in your mouth or in your body are mlinghardt same forces that benefit from you feeling disconnected from God and therefore craving god-substitutes like money, cars, entertainment, excitement, etc.

Become a Learn True Health Member today! This led him to develop his methods of testing which he called Autonomic Response Testing. It is getting worse every year. The liver and lymphatic system must also be addressed. Zinc deficiency may result in emotional disorders, food allergies, insulin resistance, delayed puberty, rough skin, delayed wound healing, growth retardation, hypogonadism, hypochlorhydria, men-tal lethargy, short stature, diarrhea, stretch marks or striae which may be misinterpreted as Bartonella in some patients with Klinghard diseasewhite spots on the fingernails, reduction in collagen, macular degeneration, dandruff, klingyardt lesions such as acne, hyperactivity, loss of appetite, reduced fertility and libido, transverse lines on the fingernails, defective mineralization of the bones leading to osteoporosis, and many others.


Klinghardt: Biological treatment of Lyme disease

Because of this, a person toxic with heavy metals will mostly suffer as well from fungus and parasites. Tick Borne Disease Related. Nothing To Bug You Here!

Free radicals are the principal root cause of all degenerative diseases and ageing. In other cases, patients may not kkinghardt in their attempts to rid the body protovol a particular toxic or infectious burden, such as in patients with long-standing or therapy-resistant, late-stage Lyme disease.

HPL binds to zinc, vitamin B6, biotin, manganese, arachidonic acid omega-6and other important compounds that, as a result, are excreted via the urine. But instead, combine it with biophysics because biophysics keeps the detox pathways open.

He liked Natural Medicine so much that he remembers going to a lot of chiropractic seminars among other things. Too much sugar, soft drinks, white bread, fast food, red meat, coffee, alcohol, milk, drugs etc. Find a Certified Practitioner.

Heavy Metals Detox

The optimal average health pH for. If a person has episodes of depression, these episodes generally correlate to times when pyrroles are being released in higher levels in the urine.

And wi-fi disables many of the detox enzymes. This includes patients who have failed years of antibiotic therapy for chronic or late-stage Lyme disease. Increasingly aware of the limitations of conventional medicine when dealing with chronic conditions, Dr. One young adult female struggling with Lyme for several years had severe multiple chemical sensitivities MCS that were not improved by any previous treatment.

The site has seminar schedules, articles, protocols and recommended products and tools for different health conditions.

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